Terry and I met online. I’m not certain how we found each other, but it was as if we were destined for each other. It was a wonderful virtual relationship. We never met in person, yet I came to know so much about him and his husband, Gary, through his blog posts and the comments he’d leave on my blog posts. He shared so much about his life (both past and present, both good and bad), his passions, and his hopes and dreams for all the world to see.

Terry and Gary looked forward to travelling the country in their new RV. Terry planned to meet in person many of his fellow bloggers along the way. (We were going to hike the Manitou Incline.) Many of his friends also had a wonderful virtual relationship with Terry. He was loved.

A diagnosis of cancer changed everything and all their plans were changed to accommodate treatment. Terry continued to post on his blog about his cancer journey. Some of the posts were painful to read, yet he continued to be honest about what he was experiencing. Through it all, however, he continued to cheerfully experience life as much as his weakening body would allow.

Terry wrote about reconnecting with family. He continued to write about some of his favorite songs from the 1970’s. He wrote short fictional stories based upon some interesting photos. He wrote about hit beloved Gary. He wrote about needing a haircut. He wrote about his pain and, at times, how much he wanted it all to end.

Terry’s struggle ended on Friday, September 1. Gary made the announcement on Terry’s blog and left a loving tribute to his dear Terry.

Terry’s heart was as big as all outdoors. The world is a sadder place without you in it, Terry.

Please take a moment, or two, or ten to read some of the posts on his blog at https://spearfruit.com/. You might find yourself falling in love with Terry as well.