What Do You Say When You Don’t Know What to Say?

Cancer doesn’t run in my family. It wasn’t familiar. Our family had strokes and heart attacks. Those were familiar. Those were things I could relate to and understand.

I don’t understand Cancer.

A dear friend passed away recently. I say “dear friend” because she was instantly a dear friend to everyone who met her. Sunny disposition and so very positive, even when she lost her home and all her belongings in a fire several years ago. Susan was a writer and a personal space designer. Someone I admired. (You can read her manifesto here: http://www.soulstylehome.com/new-page/). Susan was the epitome of inspiring. I met her when she came to work for the same organization I worked for. She brought an instant smile to everyone’s face throughout the day. One day, completely out of the blue, Susan told me I had a great profile. I’ve never forgotten that compliment and I’ve never forgotten how wonderful it made me feel. Susan knew exactly what to say.

Susan was diagnosed as having metastatic cancer 34 days before she died. It was fast and furious.

34 days

What would you do with those 34 days? Susan chose to charm her nurses and doctors. Susan chose to stay as sunny as possible and answer as many e-mails, texts, and Facebook messages as she could. Susan comforted those who were hurting for her. Susan knew exactly what to say.

She said, “Goodbye,” to her beloved Phoebe, a beautiful Golden Labrador, sending her off to live with friends who will provide Phoebe with much love. Susan said it was quite difficult for her, yet posted photos of her Phoebe in the car being whisked away to California, acknowledging it was the best decision for her faithful companion’s life. My heart broke for both of them that day.

Susan’s daughter, Emily, posted the news of her passing on Facebook stating, “In true Snooze [Susan’s nickname] fashion, she waited until she knew both of her kids were home safe, together and with our dearest loved ones.”

Susan always knew what to say even when she wasn’t talking.

The world is a sadder place without you in it, dear Susan.


You can read more about Susan on her Soul Style Home Website. http://www.soulstylehome.com/susan/
Also read some of the fabulous and heartfelt tributes to Susan on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/susan.r.mcconnell.1