Wrapping Day

wine-gift-wrapGifts for friends and family are purchased throughout the year and held for today’s event. I open a bottle of wine and pour a glass to the rim. No one is watching for proper wine-drinking etiquette. Surrounded by a plethora of wrapping paper choices, ribbons, bows and my glass of wine, I dive into the task at hand.

Multiples of scissors and tape are placed in strategic places around the work area because they tend to walk away–luckily, not en masse. Why does tape stick to my fingers and not to the paper? (Finger-tape-itis?)

Take a short break mid-way through for a little Christmas hot chocolate and cookies; which go great with wine. Why is the bottle now empty? Check the gift list and mark off what has been wrapped. Did I miss something? Probably. The day moves along quickly, but the gift-trimming ideas are slowly becoming scarce. A quick peek at Pinterest for more ideas and the creative spark is renewed. More wine and the creative spark becomes an explosion. (Or so I think.) Next year, if I gave everyone on my gift list a bottle of wine, this task would be easier.

Under the tree, the bedazzled presents are placed, ready for delivery to friends (my favorite part of the gift-giving process). Throughout the week, I visit with friends and catch up on our year, reminiscing about happier and not-so-happier times. Much laughter and sometimes a glass of wine are enjoyed. Hugs and promises to get together soon. Promises to schedule lunch again soon, but of course never do. It’s just something we say, isn’t it?

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and, of course,
a FABULOUS New Year!