A couple of days ago, I posted about some of the lovely people who came into my life for a brief moment. (Friends I’ve Yet to Meet)
Yesterday, I not only met someone who is skilled at his job, but provided fabulous customer service.

We noted a scratch on the hood of the car we purchased recently while it was still on the sales lot. The salesman told us to bring it in on a Tuesday when their contracted repairman would be in. Yesterday, I met Everett at his work van on the sales lot. He introduced himself and said he was expecting me (thanks to our salesman, Roger). After inspecting the scratch (very closely–eyeball-to-hood!), he told me the repair shouldn’t take long and that I could wait in the service department waiting room. I made myself comfortable in the waiting room, opening the book I brought, expecting to be there for at least an hour. A short twenty minutes later, Everett walked in and said it was all done. As we walked out to the car for inspection, we chatted about times we’ve each gotten into someone else’s car by mistake. (Why do people leave their cars unlocked?) The scratch was gone, and Everett told me he buffed out a couple of other scratches he found on the hood. Trust me — the scratch had completely disappeared! The hood was a shiny, smooth sexy red once again.

Excellent (or even good) customer service skills is a rarity nowadays. Thank you, Everett, for proving that excellent customer service isn’t a lost art.