Friends I’ve Yet to Meet

This morning, I had a wonderful conversation with an elderly woman in the checkout line of Target. In the short time we were together, we bonded over our lack of height (she is 4’9” and I’m 5’1-1/2” tall), being short-waisted, and sitting in restaurants with our chins almost meeting the table. We discussed the pros and cons of online ordering—excellent way to shop, but there are some things you simply must touch and see in person first. As we moved along the line, the clerk joined our conversation as we were delighted at today’s 15% off total purchases promotion and how school binders didn’t last as long as they did back during our school days. The clerk was pleased I brought my own bags clean and folded neatly, and my fellow shopper was impressed with how we both felt about having clean bags. The mood in the checkout line in general appeared light and happy. That feeling stayed with me as I left the store.

Yesterday, my friend D and I shopped at small local businesses, chatting with the clerks and business owners about this, that, and the other thing. All were very friendly and helpful, and thanked us for shopping local. It was heartfelt and genuine.

Later in the day, we met the best friend of D’s daughter’s mother-in-law. The rapport we had with T was fabulous and we found we all had things in common with her. We talked about family, T’s home, our enjoyment of walking, and watched with delight T’s dog’s tricks performance. T showed me her Baby Lock embroidery/sewing machine and we discussed the virtues of small quilting projects over large quilts. Another genuine human being.

The people who enter my life so enjoyably for a brief moment are cherished as much as those who have impacted my life for years.

Thank you, friends I’ve yet to meet, for you provide an influence greater than you’ll ever know.


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  2. Lovely post and you’re so right. The smiles, the small talk and the genuine kindnesses we elicit every day from strangers are just as important as lifelong friends. I shared the same thing yesterday waiting in the medical centre.

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