Now, Where Was I?

I read a lot of blog posts. The trouble comes when one post leads me to another, then to research something mentioned in said post, and completely forgetting to return to the original blog post to ‘Like’ or comment. Others must have the same problem, don’t they? I learn something new with each blog post and sometimes becoming a bit envious of other blogger’s ability to weave words so eloquently or amusingly or any other ‘ly’ word. I might change my style to write like that blogger or that one . . .  or . . .

Oh, there’s my Outlook reminder to get up and move around a bit. Where’s my daily chores list? How did that get there? Okay, walk done, now what was I doing? Check e-mails and follow up on some blog post notifications. Oh, yes. I remember now. Read another blog post. Research something in that blog post. What does that word mean? Snack time. Phone call. E-mail. Walk. Eat. Clean. Procrastinate a little or a lot. What was I reading? Start over. It’s a vicious circle, isn’t it?

Oh, look! There’s a great idea for a blog post! Where’s my recorder? Ah, found it. Now, what was I going to say?




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