BFF—Best Friend Forever. ‘BFF’ means something—not to be taken lightly. Forever. For Life. All the way to wheelchairs and zimmer frames.

The one person I always enjoy spending time with—another person in my life who understands and doesn’t demand; understands when I drive in a different direction rather than wait at a traffic light because we are still moving; laughing at roadside signs re-interpretations until our sides hurt; never a question to investigate ‘something shiny’; singing on road trips; ridiculous text messages; sharing good news. A friendship that holds great influence on our lives.

Friendships are a reflection of who you are. Together, We were confident and fabulous.

In When Friendship Hurts, author Jan Yager writes:
“Friendship has to be a shared commitment. It takes two to develop and maintain a friendship, but only one to end it.”

Was it me? Was it her? Did we merely need a friendship sabbatical? Was there an unhealthy attachment? Is letting go the best thing for both of us?

Can “forever” arrive early?