Writing New Chapters

Ah, it has been a long time, Blogland. I’ve missed you!

In my last post, One Year Blogaversary, (Oh, my gosh! Two months ago!) I wrote that I needed to take a step back for a few weeks to regroup my thoughts. While I was able to get online occasionally to read blogging friends’ posts, it became increasingly difficult to comment and ‘like’ them regularly. However, the ones that I have sent to me via e-mail were a pleasure to read when I got the chance. I truly planned to get back to the blog sooner, but . . .

Life Happened.

Funny that. Things happen when you least expect it, even when you expect it. It’s inevitable. Like a pimple on picture day. Things may get a little worse along the way, but eventually it gets better. And we move on. Close the old chapters and write new ones. Hold onto family support and laugh at the little things. Shrug your shoulders and turn your back on the devil.

I am writing this early Sunday morning as the house is quiet. My youngest granddaughter spent the night with us and is still sleeping upstairs. My husband and I are each in our offices catching up on whatever it is we catch up on. (Is that a proper sentence? Does anyone really care that I play Candy Crush Saga at 6:00 a.m.?) Soon, we will go out for breakfast together and look forward to enjoying the day, whatever it brings.

Writing New Chapters



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