One Year Blogaversary!

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One year ago, I clicked “Publish” on my first blog post, called My First Blog Post. Wow, that was original. My readers have been very supportive during this year, and I thank and appreciate each and every one of you!

How did this all happen?

My friend, Diane, had mentioned blogging for a few years, but I never took it seriously. I am not a writer and am very boring. Finally, one day in December 2015, D and I got together with wine for a “Corporate Meeting” to strategize plans for our joint blog. I think I was really tempted by the wine more than the idea of a blog (and our official wine glasses—they are polka-dotted!). Our efforts to decide upon a name were comical and frustrating. We eventually came up with something on which we agreed—“No Rocking Chairs” to reflect our active lifestyle as grandmothers. Neither of us were really in love with the name, but everything else we came up with was already taken or simply sounded stupid. Several glasses of wine might have had something to do with that.

A few years before this, D and I were seriously considering opening a gourmet popcorn shop. We both love popcorn and, at the time, there was only one popcorn shop in the Colorado Springs area and one west of the Springs on the highway to Woodland Park. After a few months of research and data collection, we found that other people had the same idea and acted more quickly than we did. Imagine researching locations, finding an ideal spot, going to look at it, and finding a sign over the door stating “Coming Soon-Pop It Up.” We immediately went to the nearest pub for a drink. A week later, we found another empty spot in a shopping center, looked at it, and visited with a nice gentleman who owned a jewelry store in the same shopping center. Before we could act, a popcorn shop opened in that very spot! Even more bizarre was the fact that this popcorn shop is owned by a lady D and I used to work with! We took this as a sign that we are not destined to own a gourmet popcorn store.

In the process of researching the popcorn business and visiting popcorn shops in the Denver area, one thing kept “popping” up (see what I did there?). Something kept appearing in name possibilities, decorative color choices, and while shopping. Poppies. Poppies everywhere. Everywhere we looked we saw something with poppies on them. I purchased a lovely painting of poppies for my dining room during this time as well. One evening, after a run, D and I were in the parking garage when I suddenly blurted out “Popcorn and Poppies!” Excellent! Why did this take so long to appear in our heads? However, we agreed that ‘Poppies and Popcorn’ sounded better than the other way around.

Poppies and Popcorn went live on June 9, 2015. The start was bumpy. Learning about WordPress, researching blogging advice, and managing the accompanying social media took a lot of time and effort. In spite of the bumps, we were off to a reasonable start. Eventually, however, personal time constraints forced D to bow out of the venture. I considered whether to continue or start anew. I chose to continue by simply changing the tagline from “Fabulous ends in ‘us’—Coincidence? We think not!” to “I have many thoughts. I write a few of them down.” Keep it innocuous.

After a year of blogging, which I love doing, I find that the blog isn’t really going in any particular direction. I’m frequently disappointed in my own writing. I love Wordless Wednesday and like writing a few Haiku poems every now and then. Three Things Thursday was extremely boring, so I’ve stopped that category.

I do not want to quit blogging, yet I feel I need to take a step back for a few weeks to regroup my thoughts and develop a plan for Poppies and Popcorn. So, I’ll pause posts for now, but will definitely be online to read my blogging friends’ posts to comment and like them. My thoughts were telling me to set a deadline, but I think I’ll just play it by ear for now. Sorry, left brain!

So, my friends, please watch Poppies and Popcorn’s Twitter account, Facebook account, and WordPress Reader for my return to posting. I’ll see you soon!



15 thoughts on “One Year Blogaversary!

  1. Sometimes we need a break to get us going again in whatever direction is right for us. Congratulations on your one year anniversary and good luck with poppies and popcorn!


  2. Congratulations on the 1 year of blogging. I look forward to seeing you after your break. I bet it will be bigger and better for year 2. Have a great day Joyce! 🙂


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