Neon Arrow April Followup

checkmark pencilgoal  ɡōl/
plural noun: goals
the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

How is it that I can have so many blog post writings in progress, yet have absolutely nothing ready to post? ~sigh~ So, today’s post will be be a follow-up on my New Years 2016 Goals. Yep. Boring, I know.

How did I do in March and April? Colorado weather has been typical for this time of year — snow, rain, and sunshine with temperatures varying by as much as 50 degrees either way each day.

Goal 1: Post on the blog at least once a week.
Bad News: Can’t say there has been any bad news other than the usual ‘I’m not a real writer.’ Left brain still in charge.
Good News: On-task with posting on Tuesdays, and Wordless Wednesday is going well. Added Three Things Thursday in March, which I’ve kept up with except for last week.  ;-(  Dang it. Don’t know what happened.

Goal 2: Learn something new once a month on any subject.neon arrow
Bad News: I really suck at this one. I think I set the bar too high in my mind.
Good News: Forgave myself for totally blowing off March and lowered the bar for April. Learned how to properly build a raised frame for the garden!

Goal 3: Incorporate more spontaneous husband-hugging into my routine.
Bad News: No bad news here!
Good News: As I stated in the February follow-up, hugging Hubby makes me happy.  🙂

Goal 4: Complete a 5k walk/run at least three times per week.
Bad News: My iPod playlist can’t keep up with me.
Good News: My granddaughter, Hailey, is joining me on the weekly Jack Quinn 5K run with the Jack Quinn’s Runners Club. After the check-in and run, we enjoy a meal together someplace very casual as we’re in running gear and a little sweaty. I’m enjoying our time together and I hope she is as well.

Goal 5: Schedule time for reading.
Bad News: Just the usual too-long a reading list!
Good News: Finished Edward Rutherfurd’s Paris.  It is good, yet not as good as my favorites of his, New YorkSarum, and London, in my opinion. There was too much jumping around for me. In fact, I found it not up his usual standard. (I’d do a real book review here, but I suck at that.)
Currently reading a digital copy of Kate Hudson’s Pretty Happy as well as a print copy of Liane Moriarty’s The Last AnniversaryI don’t usually read two books at once, but they both came up available from my library’s holds list at the same time, so okie dokie!
I’ve always admired Goldie Hawn and find her daughter, Kate Hudson, to be just as fantastic as her mother. I watched Kate on a couple of shows promoting her book, so immediately added it to the holds list with five people in front of me. So far, I’m enjoying what Kate has to say.
Liane Moriarty’s book was promoted and recommended in my WordPress feed by several people, so onto the holds list it went as well. Just starting to read it, so unable to judge how I feel about it yet.

Still working one day at a time.