Re-Blog: We’re Not Our Grandmothers

Today, I’m sharing a blog post by Cresting the Hill. Grandmothers have certainly changed over the years. Fashions that were current in the times when those old photographs were taken tend to “age” our grandmothers even more in our eyes. Expectations were different then. We tend to be healthier now, with better access to health care. We’re spending more time exercising and the availability of makeup tricks hasn’t hurt. We have jobs outside the home and are more sophisticated overall. We are no longer sitting in our rocking chairs waiting for things to happen. We’re making things happen.

I hope you enjoy  Cresting the Hill’s post as much as I did.


A friend of mine shared a picture to my facebook wall the other day saying that she thought of me when she saw this photo and quote. It took me a bit of sleuthing and research to find where it originated, but eventually I tracked it down to Zen to Zany on facebook – where there was a myriad of interesting artworks and quotes.

Anita Opper, the owner of the page is the person in the photo and she was a new grandmother at the time it was taken. I loved how fresh and vibrant she looks, how un-grandmotherly looking she is, how downright cool she is. I was extremely flattered that my friend could see something of me in what this picture and quote were saying…….basically we are NOT our mothers or grandmothers – we are re-defining this whole stage of life and I think we are rocking it!

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2 thoughts on “Re-Blog: We’re Not Our Grandmothers

  1. I like that you are taking a stand on the general perception of grandmothers. However, I reckon it doesn’t matter one jot what anyone else thinks – the only space that matters is the one between our own ears. And in my space I know exactly who I am and what I’m capable of.

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    • I suppose it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks, yet it really gets my goat when anyone assumes I can’t do something simply because of my age. Maybe when I’m 98 and still running 5k’s, I’ll not take it so personally.


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