Three Things Thursday – Treadmill

Three things I’m thankful for, that make my life awesome

1.  YouTube
YouTube is one of my go-to sources for learning to do something, learning how NOT do do something, learning that I already know something, and researching things I didn’t know I wanted to know. Yes, some YouTubers think they are funny–and they are–for 13-year-olds. Anyway, silliness and poor lighting and camera angles aside, some really great YouTubers have saved many people lots of frustration and dollars by providing instructions on how to do the simplest (or most complicated) things.

2.  Grilled corn on the cob
Melted butter rolling off the cob onto your arm — Mmmmmmm.

3.  My treadmill
Some people hate this torture device, but I’m not one of them. While running outdoors is preferable, Mother Nature has a weird sense of humor. On those days, my treadmill and an iPod playlist or television remote are my best friends.treadmill