Wordless Wednesday – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow



Hocus Pocus

computer magicIn a former life, I was a Certified Network Administrator (CNA) in Novell Netware. (Can’t get any more left-brained than that without becoming an Accountant, right?) Later, I worked with Microsoft Windows networks—different, yet the basics were the same. The more I worked with a network system, the more I knew its quirks and foibles. I understood its needs and “wants.” The network became a living, breathing entity—my “child.” This child had its own personality and frequently threw tantrums.

Knowing a computer network so well creates a sense of ‘magic.’ Computers do wondrous things and horrible things. They perform millions of calculations faster than the blink of an eye—faster than even the reflex before the blink of an eye, but only if the information fed to them is logical. Computers access information for us, create documents for us, and provide us great satisfaction—or not. Even when users don’t know what they are doing, computers still provide them with valuable information if one knows how to interpret it’s ‘babble.’

It’s all magic, right? Yes, it’s all magic. It’s full of pixies.

  • Perform “Please-let-this-work” dance around the network server waiting for it to reboot.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts at a user’s workstation, creating a sense of wonder in the user.
  • Upon arrival at a user’s troublesome workstation, the issue disappears.

All Magic

  • Plug in a computer, configure it, and connect it to the network. “Please-let-this-work” dance applies here as well.
  • Leap to the rescue in a single bound to clear a jam in the network printer that refuses to give up the paper its has wrinkled and torn paper.

Possibly Magic

  • Prepare a new user profile and grant user access to the exact directories and files needed to do their job–ready for their first day.
  • Recover a lost file for a network user. “I didn’t delete it–it just disappeared!” says User.
  • Forcefully revive a computer that has decided to take a day off.

All Powerful Magic

  • Explain to a computer user in tech-speak what you’re doing. User doesn’t understand. Translate tech-speak to magic-speak. User still doesn’t understand, but feels more comfortable with the words.

A Little Magic

  • Solve a database riddle that has a user on the brink of tossing their computer out the window. Close window.
  • Teach a user how to format a document in MS Word. Soak in the admiration.


Remain calm while training a computer newbie. MAGIC


P.S. One of my husband’s coworkers decided to test IT Guy in his office because “You can do everything!”
First question—Why does my cake not rise? IT Guy answers with an explanation of high-altitude adjustments of oven temperatures and ingredient amounts.
Second question—I’m having trouble trying to decide who I want to vote for in the upcoming election. Who should I vote for? IT Guy says “Yourself. Vote for yourself as a write-in.”
This guy is definitely MAGIC.

Three Things Thursday – C.J.

Three things I’m thankful for, that make my life awesome

1.  My Granddaughter, H.
H has joined me on my weekly 5k run. While her presence has encouraged me to run longer periods of time, she does complain that I run too slowly!

2. Reading friends’ happy Facebook posts.

3. C.J.
I volunteer with the Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue and I had the great pleasure of transporting this little guy back home to his foster mom in Denver. He is such a cuddlebug and will likely be adopted quickly.












Three Things Thursday – Whiteboard

Three things I’m thankful for, that make my life awesome

1. Summer
As the leaves are slowly emerging from the buds this Spring, I am in high anticipation of my favorite season of the year.

2. Challenges Accepted and Accomplished
Last Sunday, I challenged myself to climb 2,000 feet straight up the side of a mountain on old railroad ties. The view from the top was great, but my sense of accomplishment was even greater.

3. This Whiteboard
birthday whiteboard










Re-Blog: We’re Not Our Grandmothers

Today, I’m sharing a blog post by Cresting the Hill. Grandmothers have certainly changed over the years. Fashions that were current in the times when those old photographs were taken tend to “age” our grandmothers even more in our eyes. Expectations were different then. We tend to be healthier now, with better access to health care. We’re spending more time exercising and the availability of makeup tricks hasn’t hurt. We have jobs outside the home and are more sophisticated overall. We are no longer sitting in our rocking chairs waiting for things to happen. We’re making things happen.

I hope you enjoy  Cresting the Hill’s post as much as I did.


A friend of mine shared a picture to my facebook wall the other day saying that she thought of me when she saw this photo and quote. It took me a bit of sleuthing and research to find where it originated, but eventually I tracked it down to Zen to Zany on facebook – where there was a myriad of interesting artworks and quotes.

Anita Opper, the owner of the page is the person in the photo and she was a new grandmother at the time it was taken. I loved how fresh and vibrant she looks, how un-grandmotherly looking she is, how downright cool she is. I was extremely flattered that my friend could see something of me in what this picture and quote were saying…….basically we are NOT our mothers or grandmothers – we are re-defining this whole stage of life and I think we are rocking it!

Read the rest of the post:

Three Things Thursday – Treadmill

Three things I’m thankful for, that make my life awesome

1.  YouTube
YouTube is one of my go-to sources for learning to do something, learning how NOT do do something, learning that I already know something, and researching things I didn’t know I wanted to know. Yes, some YouTubers think they are funny–and they are–for 13-year-olds. Anyway, silliness and poor lighting and camera angles aside, some really great YouTubers have saved many people lots of frustration and dollars by providing instructions on how to do the simplest (or most complicated) things.

2.  Grilled corn on the cob
Melted butter rolling off the cob onto your arm — Mmmmmmm.

3.  My treadmill
Some people hate this torture device, but I’m not one of them. While running outdoors is preferable, Mother Nature has a weird sense of humor. On those days, my treadmill and an iPod playlist or television remote are my best friends.treadmill