Jellybean and Rattlesnake

We had a great Easter Sunday with so much food that none of us were hungry until the following day. We played board and card games and even played Egg Roulette. (Oh, so fun, yet oh, so messy!) Once again, the g-kids collaborated on a story. They knew the routine well, but this time, they disagreed frequently on the direction of the story. That has never happened before. It was a challenge to get their stories to merge, but they were happy when they did. The important thing is that they had fun and appear to enjoy the process.

This is the result of their collaboration. It isn’t the best story they’ve ever written, but they liked it.


Jellybean and Rattlesnake

easter_bunnyOne Easter morning, Jellybean, the Forest Easter Bunny, was hopping along the trail to delivery Easter eggs to the forest animals. He hopped and whistled; whistled and hopped. Suddenly, he stopped and opened his eyes wide. Right in front of him, he saw something amazing! It was a giant Easter egg! The egg was pink and blue with red flowers. “Did it come from a giant?” he wondered.

Jellybean’s friend, Rattlesnake the Bunny, came up behind him. Rattlesnake’s face was as surprised as Jellybean’s!

Rattlesnake asked, “Is this yours?”

“No,” answered Jellybean. “It isn’t mine. Is it yours, Rattlesnake?”


Just then, they heard a booming voice behind them. “WHERE IS MY EGG?” [Note: Mr. D. insisted upon all caps.]

Jellybean and Rattlesnake felt the ground shake. They were scared, so they ran into Rattlesnake’s home. Peeking out the window in the door, they watched as two giants, a boy and a girl, walked up to the giant Easter egg. The girl giant picked up the egg and put it in her basket. The two giants laughed and said, “Let’s find more!” Then they walked away from the forest.

After the giants were out of sight, Jellybean and Rattlesnake opened the door and crept out to the trail. They looked around to be sure the giants were not still nearby.

“I still have to deliver these Easter eggs to the animals in the forest. You can come along if you want to, Rattlesnake,” said Jellybean.

“Yeah, I want to!” said Rattlesnake.

The two bunnies hopped together to each animal’s home and delivered all the Easter eggs.

After all the eggs were delivered, the bunnies returned to Rattlesnake’s house for an Easter lunch and a game of tic-tic-toe.

~The End~


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