The Day Imagination Ended

The popularity of coloring books for adults fascinated me for quite some time. I understand people are holding coloring parties as well. Barnes and Noble displayed a variety of them, taking up almost half an aisle. There were some on sale (bargains are usually a good thing), so I chose a flowery one called Glorious Gardens. I have colored pencils and a good set of markers, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Finding time to color took a few weeks, but I eventually found the time and desire to color. There were so many pages that started to blend together, but then I found a page filled with sunflower-looking outlines that appealed to me. Could have been daisies—hard to tell. The feel of the page in the book was lovely and I bent the binding back enough to allow the page to lie as flat as possible. Choosing the colors from the markers box invoked pleasant sensation. I do like color. So far, I’m enjoying the experience. Picking up a yellow marker, I began “painting” the petals of a flower in the center. I picked up another yellow variant and worked a flower next to the first one. Then, picking up a lovely shade of green, I started coloring a couple of leaves. This isn’t fun. A memory flooded my thoughts.

When I was about four years old, my favorite coloring book was filled with kitten images on each page. I’d color each paper kitten in varying rainbow colors, pretending to interact with each one depending upon what the kitten was playing with. I remember bouncing a ball of paper on one page to “play” with a kitten pouncing on a ball in its paper world.

Sitting on the sofa one day, I was coloring a kitten with a bright orange crayon. The kitten was standing up on its hind legs pawing at something unseen above the coloring book page. My crayon traced the tail and the legs of the kitten. I pretended my little orange kitten was chasing the crayon and made swirls all over the page. That was the precise moment my Dad saw (not observed) my actions and he yelled, “Color in the lines!”

Color in the lines.

I never touched my beloved coloring book again.

Glorious Gardens currently sits on the shelf with my markers waiting for me to try again. Maybe one day.