Anger Inside (Reblog)

Poignant, meaningful, and relevant. Michaela put into words what I couldn’t.

I hope you, Dear Reader, enjoy reading her work and finding it applicable as much as I do.


Yeah….who am I kidding?
I’m still mad at you.
I was so looking forward to the fun!
The energy, the sharing, the teamwork.
When we’re both on….it seems to flow.
And if one of us isn’t, it’s rough.
Earlier on it was you, for whatever reason.
Over time, as we worked out the wrinkles,
Our system improved.  The teamwork evolved.
A little more giving and sharing and helping.
With you, somehow, my confidence is shaky.
But I always keep trying.  How else will I get better?

Visit Anger Inside to read the rest of the poem.


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