Miss M

Our Miss M, currently age 4, is quite the thinker. Following are a few of the conversations we’ve had with her from the time she was three years old.

Miss M took a big bite from her sandwich that was cut into the shape of Minnie Mouse.
Me: “Did you take a bite of Minnie’s cheek?”
Miss M: “Yes. I love Minnie Mouse. But I bite her.”

Miss M: “My hair is yellow ‘cuz I take hot showers.”
Me: “Hot showers make your hair yellow?”
Miss M: “Yes. Cold showers make your hair brown, then black. Not purple.”
Me: “What makes purple hair?”
Miss M: “Only baths.”

Miss M saw someone in the parking lot who was wearing a jacket similar to one her Mom wears.
Miss M: “That’s not my Mom.”
Me: “Are you sure?”
Miss M: “Yeah. My Mom is shoulder-length.”

Miss M’s Mom taking photos: “Say Cheese!”
Miss M: “Cheese!”
Miss M’s Mom: “Say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”
Miss M: “I can’t say that in Spanish.”

Miss M: “I’m three!”
Me: “You will be four soon.”
Miss M: “I will be five in a minute after four!”
Time is a magical thing.

Miss M: “Birds don’t walk in the grass. They use their wings.”
Me: “They fly into the trees, don’t they?”
Miss M: “Yeah. They fly away from the cats.”
Me: “But cats can climb trees, can’t they?”
Miss M: “Yeah. And monkeys.”
Oh, the lateral-thinking mind of a three-year-old.

Miss M’s Brother: “Grandma, have you been to Walmart?”
Me: “Yes. Have you?”
Miss M and her Brother: “Yes!”
Me: “What do they have there?”
Miss M and her Brother: “Toys!”
Me: “Is that all?”
Miss M: “Yes!”
She has her priorities.

When Miss M had just turned three, she was so excited to go swimming one morning, she couldn’t wait to put on her swim “soup.”

Miss M likes to join us on hikes occasionally. She carried around a snowball for half of one hike, stopping periodically to add more snow when pieces broke off as she dropped it. We’re not sure why she carried the snowball around, but when we asked her what she was going to do with it when we reached the car, she emphatically confirmed that bringing it into the car wasn’t a good idea.

Miss M: “It’s good to be a robot.”
Me: “Why?”
Miss M: “Because then you can clean really fast.”



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