Neon Arrow February Follow-up

checkmark pencilgoal  ɡōl/
plural noun: goals
the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.
A word drawled loudly by a soccer commentator.

My 2016 Goals are still on my mind and, more importantly, still in practice (mostly).The follow-up in January was probably typical of newly formed resolutions for the year–higher priority than, say March or July.

How did I do in February? Besides being a short month on the calendar, it was a short one week for me as I was down-and-out with a nasty cold. There were a couple of days that I felt I was never going to get better and considered ordering a wheelchair. The weather was gorgeous, of course, so I missed all of it. Today, I am walking upright once again, just in time for the temperatures to take a seasonal dip. ~sigh~

Goal 1: Post on the blog at least once a week.
Bad News: Major overload on ideas that don’t come to fruition. (It doesn’t help that I’m not a real writer.)
Good News: Still managing to post each Tuesday, again, quality notwithstanding. (Thank goodness for scheduled posts!) Added Wordless Wednesday, which I’m finding quite fun!

Goal 2: Learn something new once a month on any subject.neon arrow
Bad News: The brightly lit neon arrow is still shining above me right now as March has already encroached upon 2016 and there has been little progress. (Maybe I should consider this a casual promise instead.)
Good News: Thanks to free access to, I’ve created a playlist on to further develop my skills in Photoshop. (That’s something, right? No? Oh, so I actually have to play and watch the entries in that playlist? ~sigh~)

Goal 3: Incorporate more spontaneous husband-hugging into my routine.
Bad News: I am troubled with the fact that I found it necessary to add this as a goal. (I’m such a bad person.) Tried to keep a bit of distance for a few days while I was down with the monster cold, but he came down with the cold anyway.
Good News: Slight improvement here.
Even Better News: Hugging Hubby makes me happy. 🙂

Goal 4: Complete a 5k walk/run at least three times per week.
Bad News: I discovered that running in bed isn’t recommended. It tangles the bedding.
Good News: Except for the final down-and-out week, I managed to complete a 5k at least five times each of the other weeks.
Participated in the Game Day 5k on Super Bowl Sunday with my daughter, my friend, Diane, and her two daughters. Imagine a sunny, yet chilly day, with a crowded, icy and muddy trail—what could be more fun? Rather than push to move further up in placement, I preferred to wait for my daughter, who is NOT a runner, to catch up. Proud that she was willing to do this with me. Slowly coaxing her into the running/walking world.

Goal 5: Schedule time for reading.
Bad News: Still have a daunting ‘To Read’ list. Do you, Dear Reader, have a lengthy list as well? How do you choose what to read next? Merely by what is immediately available is my method at the moment.
Good News: Finished reading “Unbroken” that I started in January. I had forgotten that “Unbroken” had been made into a movie, but quickly realized it when parts of the book sounded familiar having watched the movie trailers. (I didn’t think I’d been paying attention!) I did get through the book, but kind of wish I hadn’t since it caused some bad dreams for a few nights.
Followed that up with “The Girl on the Train”; which failed to hold my attention and became too easy to put down. Couldn’t relate to or care about the characters. By the time it finally reached the real plot, I was no longer interested.

Still working one day at a time.