A few weeks (months?) ago, I saw a post prompt about superpowers. It has taken me a very long time to follow up with that prompt as I rewrote this over and over and over again. Maybe what I need is a super power that allowed me to write something perfectly the first [second or twenty-fifth] time. But, then, we all wish we had that one, right?

super heroSuper Heroes of the comic book world have amazing superhuman powers; some going far outside the realms of probability. If you happened to set a genie free from his/her captivity and said genie granted you one single superpower as a reward, what would you choose?

  • Super Hearing
    What would it be like to hear everything no matter how far away? It would be nice to spy on kids in the playroom while I’m busy in the kitchen. (Oh, who am I kidding? Spying on closed-door meetings would be more beneficial.) It could make me an extraordinary private investigator. Would it be difficult to focus on exactly what I want to hear? Could it change my tinnitus to play a soothing melody rather than the electrical line buzzing it currently plays? Would my ears grow bigger?
  • X-Ray Vision
    I’m always misplacing things, and appear to be unable to see something while I’m staring straight at it. Maybe having this ability would help a little. My husband has the annoyingly helpful ability to find things in the very place I was looking. (Does he have x-ray vision?) With x-ray vision, I could help medical personnel see through a person’s body to identify a patient’s injury or locate someone buried under the snow after an avalanche. But, could looking through multiple objects create some transparency confusion? I’m confused enough already!
  • Super Strength
    The ability to lift and move anything, no matter how heavy the item would be cool! I’d love to be able to clear out that prime parking spot at the theater! How about creating an earthquake by stomping one foot? I could help save people trapped under rubble after said earthquake (so conflicted here).
  • Super Speed
    Moving at the speed of sound or even faster would help me to complete household chores in the blink of an eye, resulting in more leisure time. (If only my appliances could speed up as well.) If I started a delivery service, I’d always be home in time to watch Big Bang Theory. Or a major league pitcher–My fast ball would be legendary! Could I move so fast as to cross the time barrier and meet a future me? What about the friction against my skin–Does Costco have enough case loads of Aloe for that? Would I remember to drop the knife in my hand while running to the door to meet the delivery person? Would I move so fast I couldn’t turn a tight corner? Oh, my–So many me-shaped holes in walls and fences.
  • Telepathy
    How comfortable would I be sensing another person’s thoughts? Could I manipulate those thoughts? Would this ability involve merely looking at a person or would it require a Vulcan Mind Meld (useless on the Ferengi, by the way). What about sensing too many thoughts? Could they become so entangled that they could no longer be deciphered? What about different languages? My mind is already full with voices.
  • Invisibility
    Would I like to render myself unseen on a whim? Becoming a Professional Ninja would be awesome! Would my clothing become invisible as well? Naked invisibility? Is there a time limit on invisibility? Would I suddenly appear naked at an event? Would someone with x-ray vision be able to see me? Would my outline appear if it was raining or snowing? I feel a little cold already.

All these superpowers are fabulous and have their pros and cons.
If I was able to choose one superpower, it would be
the ability to make all pain and suffering of my friends and family disappear.


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  1. super-reading! I would like to have the superpower of being able to speed-read (but total comprehension) books….even better if I could have x-ray vision to devour (read) each book without even having to take them off the library shelf. 🙂

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