Missy’s Interview

A few days ago, our Missy was lounging in one of her favorite spots (of which she has many, changing them frequently). Having so many other things better to do, yet obviously not wanting to do any of them, I decided to take this opportunity to formally interview Missy. After all, there are so many questions and so few answers.

Good, afternoon, Missy. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to visit with you. May I ask you a few questions? Ummmm . . . is that a ‘yes?’9

How do you feel about living here as a privileged cat? Is there anything more we could do to make you more comfortable?3

You appear to be dreaming sometimes when you sleep. What do you dream about?8

Do you realize you snore?10

You tend to be nocturnal. Are you the one changing television settings, hiding remotes, and moving things around on my desk?1

Why do you get so upset when we close the bathroom door? Or bedroom door? Or any door?4

Why do you wake me up so early in the morning when you realize 10% of the bottom of your food dish is visible?6

When you “chirp” at the birds outside the window, what are you saying? Do the birds chirp back?2

Do you think about me when I’m not home?5

Are you aware of how much we love you? Do you feel the same about us?12

One of us is not very good at this.


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