Neon Arrow January Follow-up


In the blog post, Resolutions and a Neon Arrow, I posted my 2016 goals for tens of people to see. How did I do in January?

Goal 1: Post on the blog at least once a week.
Bad News: Due to personal time constraints, my blogging partner, Diane, has decided to leave Poppies and Popcorn. Her posts were well-received by our readers and will be missed.
Good News: I’ve managed to keep up the weekly posts each Tuesday—quality notwithstanding.

Goal 2: Learn something new once a month on any subject.neon arrow
Bad News: Totally slacked off in January. (The brightly lit neon arrow is above me right now.)
Good News: A new list in Outlook (yep—left brain in charge) is beckoning me, so if I learn two new things in February, that will make up for January, right? Right? Of course it will.

Goal 3: Incorporate more spontaneous husband-hugging into my routine.
Bad News: Totally forgot about this one! (How horrible is it that I need to be reminded to do this? Hanging my head in shame.)
Good News: At the time of this writing (January 31), I realized my error and ran upstairs to give hubby a hug. There! January is saved! (Making notations in calendar now. Yes, I’m a sad excuse for a human being.)

Goal 4: Complete a 5k walk/run at least three times per week.
Bad News: Oh, Baby, it’s cold outside! (Cue famous duets)
Good News: I have a treadmill. I’ve managed to walk/run/jog-a-little at least five days a week. Also, the hubby and I have managed to get outdoors to hike when the weather isn’t quite so snowpocalyptic. (Will the Goal 2 neon arrow dim a little now?)

Goal 5: Schedule time for reading.
Bad News: My ‘To Read’ list is so long that I’m having a difficult time narrowing down what to read first. I’m discovering that this is a common problem for many people. I may have to resort to the close-your-eyes-and-point method of choosing.
Good News: Friends and Blogland to the rescue with great recommendations! I don’t like to read more than one book at a time, but I’m managing quite well with digital and paper versions. And, even better, I re-read a book from my childhood! I’ll be posting about that soon. (Unless I get distracted by squirrels, of course.)

 2016 is a work in progress for all of us. That’s 366 days (leap year!) of good things and bad things. One day at a time.



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  1. Hi Joyce. My first visit. Saw you on Mike Alegra’s site and loved your gravatar beginning. “Born at a very young age . . . ). You have the sense of humor I enjoy, because it is also mine. Your bad and good news is funny. The last post, a letter to your younger self is hilarious. So sorry about the self-esteem sucking parent. Had one of those, too. (Guess I should have said this on that post.)


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