Level 60!

Reposted by popular request with permission of Diane (formerly known as ‘The Diane Half of Poppies and Popcorn).  Originally posted on Poppies and Popcorn October 23, 2015. Thanks, Diane!

sixtyI had a birthday recently, and it was one of those birthdays that really made me stop and think – and maybe panic just a bit.  My sixtieth.  60.  Me!   When the heck did that happen?  I think my mom was the most appalled – she wondered how she could possibly be old enough to have a 60-year-old daughter.

There are any number of adages and words of wisdom that I think, are supposed to make me feel better about being “old.”  I’ve read that 60 is the new 40 and that this is simply middle age.  Well, I remember being 40, and we were still traveling all around on military assignments and I had 2 teenaged daughters.  As much as I loved the military and adored my daughters at every age, my 60-year-old life kinda beats my 40-year-old life!  And middle age – really?  I’m all for longevity, but thinking I won’t make it to 120 – and really, do I want to?  I do like the alliteration in the pic above –  “Super, sensational and sixty.”  I’ll go with that.

I went skydiving for my 50th birthday and my friends and family had a surprise party for me with all of the traditional “You’re officially old” gifts.  This recent birthday was a lot more low key and pretty angst-free.  The adage that I think is most appropriate is that age is just a number, and I am as old as I decide to be.  I still run around with my 6 wonderful grandkids, laugh with my girlfriends (Joyce and I laugh so hard we cry!!), and am always on the watch for new adventures.

I saw a suggestion recently that said instead of calling them years, we should call them levels. Hey, I made to it to Level 60 – pretty impressive, huh?


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    Gradmama2011 says: I love this post, by Diane, who gave permission to re-blog it here on SOMETIMES. I adore the concept of Diane’s “Level 60! in place of saying “60 years old…” The use of “old” is relative, and not very useful, especially as it complicated by well-meaning people by saying “x years young, instead of x years old.” I personally am at Level 81, and wouldn’t have it any other way….unless, of course I could be at Level 35 again. 🙂 Thanks Diane….for the re-blog!

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