Wordless Wednesday – Foster’s Beer Tree

Foster's Beer Tree

Just yesterday, it was a . . .
wait for it . . .
Bud    🙂



A few weeks (months?) ago, I saw a post prompt about superpowers. It has taken me a very long time to follow up with that prompt as I rewrote this over and over and over again. Maybe what I need is a super power that allowed me to write something perfectly the first [second or twenty-fifth] time. But, then, we all wish we had that one, right?

super heroSuper Heroes of the comic book world have amazing superhuman powers; some going far outside the realms of probability. If you happened to set a genie free from his/her captivity and said genie granted you one single superpower as a reward, what would you choose?

  • Super Hearing
    What would it be like to hear everything no matter how far away? It would be nice to spy on kids in the playroom while I’m busy in the kitchen. (Oh, who am I kidding? Spying on closed-door meetings would be more beneficial.) It could make me an extraordinary private investigator. Would it be difficult to focus on exactly what I want to hear? Could it change my tinnitus to play a soothing melody rather than the electrical line buzzing it currently plays? Would my ears grow bigger?
  • X-Ray Vision
    I’m always misplacing things, and appear to be unable to see something while I’m staring straight at it. Maybe having this ability would help a little. My husband has the annoyingly helpful ability to find things in the very place I was looking. (Does he have x-ray vision?) With x-ray vision, I could help medical personnel see through a person’s body to identify a patient’s injury or locate someone buried under the snow after an avalanche. But, could looking through multiple objects create some transparency confusion? I’m confused enough already!
  • Super Strength
    The ability to lift and move anything, no matter how heavy the item would be cool! I’d love to be able to clear out that prime parking spot at the theater! How about creating an earthquake by stomping one foot? I could help save people trapped under rubble after said earthquake (so conflicted here).
  • Super Speed
    Moving at the speed of sound or even faster would help me to complete household chores in the blink of an eye, resulting in more leisure time. (If only my appliances could speed up as well.) If I started a delivery service, I’d always be home in time to watch Big Bang Theory. Or a major league pitcher–My fast ball would be legendary! Could I move so fast as to cross the time barrier and meet a future me? What about the friction against my skin–Does Costco have enough case loads of Aloe for that? Would I remember to drop the knife in my hand while running to the door to meet the delivery person? Would I move so fast I couldn’t turn a tight corner? Oh, my–So many me-shaped holes in walls and fences.
  • Telepathy
    How comfortable would I be sensing another person’s thoughts? Could I manipulate those thoughts? Would this ability involve merely looking at a person or would it require a Vulcan Mind Meld (useless on the Ferengi, by the way). What about sensing too many thoughts? Could they become so entangled that they could no longer be deciphered? What about different languages? My mind is already full with voices.
  • Invisibility
    Would I like to render myself unseen on a whim? Becoming a Professional Ninja would be awesome! Would my clothing become invisible as well? Naked invisibility? Is there a time limit on invisibility? Would I suddenly appear naked at an event? Would someone with x-ray vision be able to see me? Would my outline appear if it was raining or snowing? I feel a little cold already.

All these superpowers are fabulous and have their pros and cons.
If I was able to choose one superpower, it would be
the ability to make all pain and suffering of my friends and family disappear.

Missy’s Interview

A few days ago, our Missy was lounging in one of her favorite spots (of which she has many, changing them frequently). Having so many other things better to do, yet obviously not wanting to do any of them, I decided to take this opportunity to formally interview Missy. After all, there are so many questions and so few answers.

Good, afternoon, Missy. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to visit with you. May I ask you a few questions? Ummmm . . . is that a ‘yes?’9

How do you feel about living here as a privileged cat? Is there anything more we could do to make you more comfortable?3

You appear to be dreaming sometimes when you sleep. What do you dream about?8

Do you realize you snore?10

You tend to be nocturnal. Are you the one changing television settings, hiding remotes, and moving things around on my desk?1

Why do you get so upset when we close the bathroom door? Or bedroom door? Or any door?4

Why do you wake me up so early in the morning when you realize 10% of the bottom of your food dish is visible?6

When you “chirp” at the birds outside the window, what are you saying? Do the birds chirp back?2

Do you think about me when I’m not home?5

Are you aware of how much we love you? Do you feel the same about us?12

One of us is not very good at this.

How To Put Sunscreen On A Dog (by Becky Clark)

Becky Clark makes me laugh out loud. The little “side trips” her mind takes make my own mind’s “side trips” jealous. And, don’t miss out on “Pill a Duck.”

Nala the WonderDog was recently diagnosed with Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE). Colorado, where we live, has an extremely high rate of auto-immune diseases, both in people and in pets. And they d…

Source: How To Put Sunscreen On A Dog

Level 60!

Reposted by popular request with permission of Diane (formerly known as ‘The Diane Half of Poppies and Popcorn).  Originally posted on Poppies and Popcorn October 23, 2015. Thanks, Diane!

sixtyI had a birthday recently, and it was one of those birthdays that really made me stop and think – and maybe panic just a bit.  My sixtieth.  60.  Me!   When the heck did that happen?  I think my mom was the most appalled – she wondered how she could possibly be old enough to have a 60-year-old daughter.

There are any number of adages and words of wisdom that I think, are supposed to make me feel better about being “old.”  I’ve read that 60 is the new 40 and that this is simply middle age.  Well, I remember being 40, and we were still traveling all around on military assignments and I had 2 teenaged daughters.  As much as I loved the military and adored my daughters at every age, my 60-year-old life kinda beats my 40-year-old life!  And middle age – really?  I’m all for longevity, but thinking I won’t make it to 120 – and really, do I want to?  I do like the alliteration in the pic above –  “Super, sensational and sixty.”  I’ll go with that.

I went skydiving for my 50th birthday and my friends and family had a surprise party for me with all of the traditional “You’re officially old” gifts.  This recent birthday was a lot more low key and pretty angst-free.  The adage that I think is most appropriate is that age is just a number, and I am as old as I decide to be.  I still run around with my 6 wonderful grandkids, laugh with my girlfriends (Joyce and I laugh so hard we cry!!), and am always on the watch for new adventures.

I saw a suggestion recently that said instead of calling them years, we should call them levels. Hey, I made to it to Level 60 – pretty impressive, huh?

Neon Arrow January Follow-up


In the blog post, Resolutions and a Neon Arrow, I posted my 2016 goals for tens of people to see. How did I do in January?

Goal 1: Post on the blog at least once a week.
Bad News: Due to personal time constraints, my blogging partner, Diane, has decided to leave Poppies and Popcorn. Her posts were well-received by our readers and will be missed.
Good News: I’ve managed to keep up the weekly posts each Tuesday—quality notwithstanding.

Goal 2: Learn something new once a month on any subject.neon arrow
Bad News: Totally slacked off in January. (The brightly lit neon arrow is above me right now.)
Good News: A new list in Outlook (yep—left brain in charge) is beckoning me, so if I learn two new things in February, that will make up for January, right? Right? Of course it will.

Goal 3: Incorporate more spontaneous husband-hugging into my routine.
Bad News: Totally forgot about this one! (How horrible is it that I need to be reminded to do this? Hanging my head in shame.)
Good News: At the time of this writing (January 31), I realized my error and ran upstairs to give hubby a hug. There! January is saved! (Making notations in calendar now. Yes, I’m a sad excuse for a human being.)

Goal 4: Complete a 5k walk/run at least three times per week.
Bad News: Oh, Baby, it’s cold outside! (Cue famous duets)
Good News: I have a treadmill. I’ve managed to walk/run/jog-a-little at least five days a week. Also, the hubby and I have managed to get outdoors to hike when the weather isn’t quite so snowpocalyptic. (Will the Goal 2 neon arrow dim a little now?)

Goal 5: Schedule time for reading.
Bad News: My ‘To Read’ list is so long that I’m having a difficult time narrowing down what to read first. I’m discovering that this is a common problem for many people. I may have to resort to the close-your-eyes-and-point method of choosing.
Good News: Friends and Blogland to the rescue with great recommendations! I don’t like to read more than one book at a time, but I’m managing quite well with digital and paper versions. And, even better, I re-read a book from my childhood! I’ll be posting about that soon. (Unless I get distracted by squirrels, of course.)

 2016 is a work in progress for all of us. That’s 366 days (leap year!) of good things and bad things. One day at a time.