Resolutions and a Neon Arrow

new year resolutionsMake resolutions; modify resolutions; break forget resolutions—a fairly unsatisfying yearly ritual for many of us. With its beginnings in various ancient cultures and religions requiring reflection upon one’s transgressions in the previous year, the tradition has evolved to what it is today; whatever that is. Do we continue to perform these rituals because of social pressure? Aren’t we only responsible to ourselves if we break the resolutions? Or is it merely a bit of New Year fun? Do I have any transgressions from 2015, and, if so, does anyone else know about them?

neon arrowI stopped making resolutions years ago. The word ‘resolution’ placed a giant neon arrow pointing to me from above my head whilst blinking “Failure!” Doomed from the start. So, I make New Year Goals instead. My left-brained mind appreciates attainable goals, with action steps to help guide me in the right direction. (I’ve noticed many people call them anything but resolutions. Maybe they wanted rid neon signs as well.)


My Goals for 2016:

  • Post on the blog at least once a week. Good quality may or may not be present. 😉
  • Learn something new once a month on any subject. This one is a bit vague, yet flexible enough for my whims! (Collecting toilet paper rolls now.)
  • Incorporate more spontaneous husband-hugging into my routine. I’ll enjoy the action steps with this goal.
  • Complete a 5k walk/run at least three times per week. This is probably the most tiring goal for the year! Keep moving, feet!
  • Schedule time for reading. If I don’t schedule it, it will never happen. Darn left brain!

Today, at the time of this posting, it is five days into 2016, and I’ve started on all but the second item of my list of my goals.

Do you make yearly resolutions or goals? Are you successful at completing them?



17 thoughts on “Resolutions and a Neon Arrow

  1. Hi…here I am visiting again. Because I am a maniac when searching for lost things…I am searching for a post that I think I saw on your site a few months ago… it was titled something like View from Level 60 …. dealing with referring to “ages” as Levels. I LOVE that post… can you help me?


  2. I love these goals! I’m sure u can keep at it so til the end of the year. Re learning something new, YouTube is great these days! Just type what you want to learn and boom there’s a whole set of classes and lessons. I look forward to your weekly blog posts!

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