The Christmas Clock

Decorating the house for the Holidays has always been a joy for me. Each year, I forget how many boxes of Christmas decorations we have and how much room they take up on the floor. We spend a few days after Thanksgiving dodging red, green and white paper, boxes in various stages of fullness, and box lids until all the décor is complete. My, how the house looks festive once it is all done. We embrace the house’s new festive holiday attire and, if necessary, change our walking paths to allow for detours around the Christmas tree.

TChristmas Clockhe large wall clock in the living room is always replaced with an even-larger Christmas clock. It makes no sound except for a faint ticking sound if you get very close to it. Santa’s face watches us from the center of the clock to ensure we’re being good. The clock hands have always been hard to see. I tried painting those hands, changing them from a dull gold to black. The contrast was great as the hands moved over Santa’s beard, but disappeared over the dark blue starry sky background. I tried white paint and the hands were visible against the background, but became invisible in the morning hours against Santa’s beard. One more try–a touch of black paint on the borders of the white hands–not as successful as I’d hoped. Oh, well. We really didn’t look at the clock to tell the time anyway.

Shortly after Christmas, the decorations are neatly returned to their boxes, albeit never in the same places they were before. (Funny that.) The house slowly transforms as it’s every-day items return. (What was on the mantel before Christmas?)

The last item to be taken down from its place of honor is the Christmas clock. After gently removing it from the wall and replacing it with the regular clock, I remove the battery from the back of Santa’s beard and the ticking stops, signaling the end of the holiday season. Back into its dark box it goes to be stored away until next year.

The end of the holiday season. I wonder what Santa’s beard would say.



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