Jeffery and Flying School

Last Sunday, a friend and I held a Reindeer Games party for our grandchildren—ten kids ranging in age from nine months to 13 years. They played several reindeer games, ate Rudolph cupcakes (Yep! I actually baked!), made Christmas ornaments (the nine-month-old was really uncooperative with this activity), and were awarded official reindeer antlers and Rudolph noses (even the 13-year-old loved these). I think the favorite activity by far was the marshmallow “snowball” fight! A couple of the youngest Littles did some snowball taste-testing, so I had to clean up a little leftover “snowball” goo from the carpet after the party!

One of my personal favorite activities at these parties is having the all the kids tell a group story. I provide the story starter and they fill in the rest. We’ve gotten some pretty wild stories out of them! My g-kids are used to this activity and readily offered their bits of story lines (or maybe they’re merely appeasing Grandma). My friend’s g-kids were a bit hesitant to participate, but they were eventually encouraged to contribute their great ideas.

Following is the story they “wrote.” (Some editing was performed for clarity and to reduce the number of face-plants. Poor Jeffery.)



reindeerJeffery woke up early to be ready in time for his first day of Reindeer Flying School. He ate his breakfast, brushed his teeth, and polished his hooves. Jeffery arrived a school just in time to be greeted by Santa!

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” said Santa. “You’re going to learn how to fly today!”

Jeffery replied, “Greetings!”

Just then, the bell rang for flying practice. Jeffery ran with the other reindeer to class. It was snowing and cold. There was so much snow that Jeffrey had to eat a path through the snow! Rudolph and Donner were teaching the class.

The teachers said, “Good Morning!” then divided the class into two groups. Jeffery was in Rudolph’s group. Rudolph had the class practice running and jumping. Jeffery fell on his face from jumping so high. Rudolph helped him out of the snow.

“Are you okay?” Rudolph asked. Jeffery just laughed at his fall.

After lunch, the class played reindeer games. Later that afternoon, they started flying practice. Jeffery took off and started flying. He thought it was pretty cool but almost face-planted once.

The class did so well they received badges and gold stars at the end of the class.

Jeffery went home at the end of the day and told his Mommy, “I can fly!” He was so excited he ran into a wall!

After supper, Jeffery went right to bed because he was so tired. He dreamed about flying and that his nose had turned red.

The End


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