When Does Old Age Begin? (Re-Blog)

This is my first re-blog. I read many blog posts, many being so wonderful that I always want to read more. (When do you have the time? Well, duh! That’s why I don’t get some of my chores done!)
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Source: When Does Old Age Begin?


For many thousands of years, mankind has wondered when old age began. Mostly, it began about a week after puberty.  In the Middle Ages, reaching age 21 was the goal.  If you made it that far, you had a pretty good shot at living into your 60s. Of course, your teeth would have all rotted out and your eyesight would have been gone.  But if you avoiding the plague and bloodletting, you’d have it made.

Beginning at the turn of the 20th century, life spans started steadily rising, from 45.7 years to 88 years, now. A lot of that rise was due to the decrease in infant mortality and the vast array of drugs that have been introduced to the market, which allowed more people to aspire to saying things like, “This getting old stuff sucks.” .

It wasn’t until Boomers appeared on the planet that the concept of…

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