Missed Opportunities

Because I was so focused on the task at hand, I missed the opportunity . . .

  • to notice the tiny red flower pushing through the crack in the sidewalk
  • to tell a colleague who is going through a rough patch that she looks lovely today.
  • to finish a sentence.
  • to identify animal shapes in the clouds.
  • to appreciate the glory of a changing season.
  • to give my cat a much-appreciated chin scratch.
  • to measure the wealth of my blessings
  • to read the final chapter of the book that has been waiting by my chair for my return.
  • to run my fingers through my husband’s hair.
  • to call (not text) a friend.
  • to go outdoors and fill my lungs with fresh, clean air.
  • to hug my son and daughter.
  • to close my eyes and listen to the flowing water of the neighbor’s water fountain.
  • to feel the softness of my heavy, red robe.
  • to grow an herb garden.
  • to bake (and share) cookies.
  • to stomp in a puddle.
  • to ‘Like’ a photo posted by a friend on Facebook.
  • to color with crayons.
  • to look out the window.
  • to find out where that gravel road goes.
  • to feel the dew in the grass.

Because I was so focused on the task at hand . . .




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