Right Turns–Choice or Destiny?

As I sit here staring at a pile of folders on my desk, I can’t help but wonder, “How did I get here?” At what point in my life did a sudden right turn get me to this particular chair and this particular desk at this particular day and time? What will be waiting for me at the next sudden right turn? If past experiences are influencing any of the turns I’ve made and will make, are they effecting those turns negatively or positively? Or is it possible my right turns are purely random? What roadblocks were put in my way to force me to make a right turn too soon or too late? Choice or destiny? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m okay with sitting here staring at a pile of folders. (Okay, I’m lying. I’d prefer these folders were not taunting me right now. Unless they were made of chocolate. That’d be cool.)red-folder-icon

What would happen if I completely ignore the pile of folders on my desk? I assume they’ll still be there tomorrow, but will my inaction make any difference to any of my future right turns? I already know that none of these folders contain anything urgent as I use a color code for tasks: Clear=bills; Red=urgent, but not bills; Yellow=Pending; Blue=To Do or non-urgent tasks; Green=ongoing projects of a non-urgent nature. (Yes, I use the same color coding in Outlook as well. Pathetic, isn’t it?) All the folders in this particular pile are blue and green—five of each, in fact. (Notice I’ve chosen to count the folders rather than open one up to deal with what’s inside.) Some of the green-folder projects are short-term and don’t require much research or planning. Others require more in-depth work and a considerable amount of time. The blue-folder tasks, while not urgent, are single-task items. If I hadn’t been in such a hurry to take care of all the clear and red folder items yesterday, would I have had time to complete a project in one or two of these remaining folders then? Would I have four blue folders and five green folders instead? Okay, so I’d still have to deal with the clear and red folders today, wouldn’t I? Was I this organized (or anal, if you prefer) as a child? (The answer to that question is “Yes” by the way.)

Destined or not, I’ve come to the conclusion that my right turns are influenced by color coding. And, obviously, I wrote this in procrastination at tackling the projects contained in those definitely-not-chocolate folders.


Side Note: I use the word ‘right’ in this case as I believe this is the right place for me now.