Why I Write (or Think I Do)

Just WriteI usually write one-liners—sort of a joke and punch line in one. Twitter and Facebook have provided an excellent platform for these. Taking on a blog has provided me a greater challenge, along with an interesting and learning experience. Gathering inspiration from other bloggers, writers, and daily prompts has opened up a territory in my creative brain that hasn’t been tapped for eons. Among other sources, I found wonderful staff and bloggers at Blogging University (http://dailypost.wordpress.com/blogging-university/) who provide new bloggers/writers with courses, from getting one’s feet wet to full immersion. The courses I started out with are reinforcing things I already knew along with teaching me new and wonderful blog possibilities.

One of the daily course e-mails prompted students to post “Why I Write” on their blog. I pondered this for a while and read other student bloggers’ posts on the subject. Many of them are hoping to eventually write a great novel. Others desire to write about specific subjects, like cooking, art, or parenting. None of those were in my list of goals. But I found a blogger, Suzie Speaks, who nailed it exactly with some of the reasons I write, yet put it in much better words than I could. In fact, I printed her post to place on the bulletin board over my desk as a reminder of these reasons. You can read Suzie Speaks’ blog post here: http://suzie81speaks.com/2015/09/15/eight-reasons-why-i-write/

To add my own bullet points to make the list my own:

  • To get thoughts out of my head.
    (Some of those who know me might be surprised to find out there are a lot of thoughts in there!)
  • My friend asked me to blog with her.
    (She’s probably regretting that right now.)
  • Sometimes, I have something to say.
    (Disclaimer: Many of these ‘somethings’ may or may not be very interesting.)
  • My right brain likes to take over sometimes.
    (There is a lot of fighting for ‘king of the hill’ in my brain.)

These four along with the writing process, sharing, therapeutic, a chance to have my voice heard, enjoyment, feeling of belonging, legacy, and reflection are all reasons I write.

Do you write? Why? What inspires you?