Ten Things My Bestest Friends Have Taught Me

Many bloggers have posted about what their friends have taught them—college friends, best friends, bad friends, etc. I’ve read some that were hilarious, some inspiring, and even some quite sad. Today, I thought I’d jump on that bandwagon and post things my friends have taught me. (One friend told me recently that I was unteachable. I think she was kidding . . .)

The following is in no particular order.

  1. Wine drunk from a Coca-Cola glass tastes better. Diane—I think we’re overdue!
  2. I don’t have to hug if I don’t want to. I’m not a hugger by nature, but with good friends, I feel safer in doing so.
  3. I’m not as bad as I frequently think I am. Friends can give you a boost simply by being around and are much less expensive than a therapist.
  4. Laughter is a necessary contagion. Seeing the absurdness of ordinary things is a delight among my friends.
  5. Homemade is superior. Donna—pie, please! (Blue ribbon, of course. I do have standards!)
  6. It’s okay to be human. None of us are perfect, yet we’re all perfect in unison.
  7. Everyone is going through something. Personal struggles and trials can drift to the back of your mind when you’re in the company of good friends.
  8. You can always count on a true friend. Run out of gas? Need someone to lean upon at a doctor appointment? Yep. We’re there.
  9. Turn Left When in doubt . . .
  10. After knowing each other for years, we can still discover similar interests. Right, Denise?—fried bologna and Edgar Allan Poe!

Good friends are your family by choice.



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