Durango Trip — The Musical

Imagine if you will — Two ladies in a car on an across-the-state road trip. Speedometer reads about three miles slower than the speed limit, forcing drivers approaching from behind to carefully pass. As they pass, they may notice the ladies “bouncing” in their seats and mouthing something simultaneously. Luckily for the other drivers, they cannot hear the off-key noises emitted from the little white car they are passing. This was an all-too-frequent scene on the trip my friend, Diane, and I took this past weekend.

When Diane and I travel long distances, I load up the iPod with oldies music and we sing at the top of our lungs to songs we have forgotten that we actually remembered. Eagles, Abba, and Three Dog Night come filtering through the cobwebs of our minds to perform, once again, some of the greatest music ever written. Melanie, The Carpenters and the Monkeys bring us back to our younger age of innocence and wonder. Have you ever tried to do the hand motions to YMCA one-handed while driving?

While each trip we take is always special, the best memories are made while singing to the oldies in the car along the way. Best . . . Noise . . . Ever