Linear Thinker

My brain allows me to see and interpret facts easily. The ball is blue. Fact. Not the pale color of the sky as the sun rises over the Rocky Mountains—just ‘blue.’ Succinct. Even terse. (Occasionally, my right brain will allow the word ‘light’ to be added.)

On a trip a few summers ago, I decided to practice engaging my right brain. Billions and billions (in my best Carl Sagan voice) of sunflowers surrounded the road as we drove through the mountains. Yep. Sunflowers. Everyone knows what sunflowers look like, so ‘nuf said, right? Perfect opportunity—so right brain, let’s give this a go.

A reception line of sunflowers greet us like children along a parade route as we speed along the highway. They turn their brown faces trimmed in deep yellow toward the sun as if to say, “Good morning! Enjoy your day!”

Okay. Not too bad. I’ve always struggled to get beyond the simple facts and am envious of those who have an artistic soul. While I may always be a linear thinker, I do take great delight when my right brain shows me what is beyond the spreadsheet.