My First Blog Post

This is it! My first blog post in Blogland! Exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. The road to this post has been plagued with potholes; which tend to increase in size as that little ‘self-doubt voice’ digs in more deeply. Do I have anything interesting to say? Will my writing make any sense? What if I run out of topics? Will I be able to stave off the grammar police? What does that button do in WordPress?

It is easy to come up with many topics to talk about with friends, but one can completely draw a blank when it comes to putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. I spent several hours as a blog stalker poring over helpful and not-so-helpful tips for writing a first blog post. Some first-blog tipsters were truly well-meaning, honest, and supportive—the kind of person you’d like to converse with over lunch – or wine! Others wrote in such complicated, self-righteous manners, that one could assume they don’t like competition in Blogland. (I found it easy to navigate away from their blogs forever.)

So, my first blog post is about the challenge of writing a first blog post. Not the most exciting subject, I suppose, yet it is of the utmost importance on my mind at the present. Future post topics will most likely vary and have what I hope will be a delightful randomness.

So, dear Reader, what do you non-bloggers like to read about? If you’re a blogger, what kind of content do you look for from other bloggers? How is your day going? Talk to me; leave a reply!



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